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What is data structure

  • It is a way of organizing data in such a manner so that we can used effectively.
  • It is also called set of algorithms
  • we can use data structure in any programming language to structure data in a memory.
  • Algorithms are used to structure data in a memory are called abstract data types.

Types of data structure

  1. Primitive data structure
  2. Non primite data structure

Primitive data structure

All the primitive data types like int, long, float, double, char are called primitive data structure.

Non primitive data structure

Non primitive data structure divided into two parts
  1. Linear data structure
  2. Non linear data structure

Linear data structure

In linear data structure data organized in a sequential manner.
Like Array, Linked List, Stack, Queue

Non linear data structure

In non linear data structure, one element connected with multiple element 
Like Tree, Graph.

Advantage of data structure

Allow to store data efficiently.
Easy to process data.
Author/Written by: Mr Hemant Singh (Founder)
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