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Ubuntu Linux System

Ubuntu is modern and open source operating system on linux for server, desktop, cloud computing and IOT.

cd home

Will move to the home folder.

cd ..

To go up to the parent directory


To go upto root directory.

cd ../..

To go up to the multiple lavel of parent directory


Will display current user.


To create new folder


To display folder and files as list

cat file_name.txt

To view content of file.

mv file_name.ext other_folder_name

Will move file_name.ext to the other given folder other_folder_name

cp combine.txt backup_combine.txt

Copy a file with new name

rm folder_name

To remove empty folders

rm -r folder_name

To remove all folders together

su(switch user)

only su : will login as root user.

ls -a 

To view all folder and files including hidden folders and files.

Create new user in ubuntu system

sudo adduser username

This command will create new user's home directory and will copy files from /etc/skel directory to the user's home directory

Allow created user to have administrive rights.

sudo usermod -aG sudo username

To delete user

sudo deluser username

Delete user with it's home directory

sudo deluser --remove-home username
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