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Tally accounting software tutorial

Company creation in tally

  • Alter company data
  • Close company (ESC or  Q), CTRL + Q (to close tally)
  • Delete company

Store tally records at specified locations

  • Right click on tally icon
  • Select file location
  • choose tally.ini (a configuration file)
  • double click on this file and edit specify location of data files line
    Data=C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data   ====> Data=D:\Tally.ERP9\Data

Accounting Voutchers(8 main basic voutchers)

Sales Voutchers To note sale details
Purchase Voutchers To note purchase details
Payment voutchers To note payment details(Payment done either direct cash or bank)
Receipt voutchers To note receipt details (Payment received either direct cash or bank)
Contra voutchers

It is used to note details when

  • Cash deposit to bank
  • Withdraw from bank to cash
  • Deposit or transfer bank to bank
Journal voutchers This voutchers can be used for any kind of entry using debit and credit note.
Debit Note/ Purchase return voutchers To note return of product or purchase [comany to other]
Credit Note/ Sale return voutchers To note return of product or purchase [product return by company customer]


Gateway of tally


Accounts info
  • Create single or multiple groups and related actions
  • Create single or multiple ledgers and related actions
Inventory info


  • Stock groups
  • Stock items
  • Unit of measure
  • Voutcher types
  • Copy allocation details


Accounting voutchers Contain all the basic voutchers
Inventory voutchers Contain voutchers related to inventory

Author/Written by: Mr Hemant Singh (Founder)
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