डिप्लोमा इन ऑफिस मैनेजमेंट एण्ड अकाउटिंग

डिप्लोमा इन ऑफिस मैनेजमेंट एण्ड अकाउटिंग

Full Stack Web Development with Laravel

Full Stack Web Development with Laravel

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Affiliate Program

Python polymorphism

Polymorphism means many form. in python there are many operators and function which have many forms.
it is useful to create different classes and having a functions with same name, that helps to re-use of of code which decrease lot of complexity in programming.

Polymorphism in operators.

+ operator calcualate addition of two number and concat two string.
print("aman" + "singh")

Polymorphism in functions

marks=[12, 34, 45, 56]


In compostion, one of the classes is composed of one or more instance of other classes, in this concept one class is like a container and other one is a content, when you delete a container object, then relatively all content objects deleted also.

Python overloading

When python operator have different meaning according to the context is called operator overloading.
For example + operators is used to calculate sum of two number and concat two string.

Python special functions

Function in a class beign and end with double underscore __function_name__ are called special functions.
p1+p1 p1.__add__(p2)
p1-p2 p1.__sub__(p2)
p1*p2 p1.__mul__(p2)
p1**p1 p1.__pow__(p2)
p1/p2 p1.__truediv__(p2)
p1//p2 p1.__floordiv__(p2)
p1%p2 p1.__mod__(p2)
p1<p2 p1.__lt__(p2)
p1<=p2 p1.__le__(p2)
p1>p2 p1.__gt__(p2)
p1>=p2 p1.__ge__(p2)
p1==p2 p1.__eq__(p2)
p1!=p2 p1.__ne__(p2)

Method overriding

When a method in a subclass has same name, parameters, and same return type as a super class method, the method in the sub class is called override method.
In OOP, Method overriding is an ability to allow sub class to implement specific 
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