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PHP OOP Class and objects

Class is a blueprint or skeleton for an object.

Class members 

Variables and methods declared within a class is called a member of the class.
Variable is called member variable, and method is called member method.

Member variable.

Declare member variable
public $name, $age;
Member methods 
public function msg(){



It is a real entity that has properties and methods.
Create object
$object = new ClassName();
$person = new Person();


class Person{
	public $name, $age;
	public function setDetails($name, $age){
		$this->name = $name;
		$this->age = $age;
	public function display(){
		echo "
		Name: $this->name <br/>
		Age: $this->age <br/>

$user = new Person();
$user->setDetails("Rama", 20);
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