Normalization in DBMS 1NF 2NF 3NF BCNF normalization


It is name of process of simplifying the relationship among data elements in a record.
The first steps towards normalization is to convert E-R model into tables or relations, next examine the table for redundancy and if necessary change them to non redundancy, then non redundancy table converted into data definition or actual database table.

First Normal Form(1NF)

  1. An attribute can not hold multiple values.
  2. Column should hold atomic value.

Second Normal Form(2NF)

  1. A table is in 2NF if 
  2. table is in 1NF.
  3. Does not contain partial dependency.

Third Normal Form(3NF)

  1. A table is in 3NF if
  2. table is in 2NF
  3. Does not contain transitive dependency.

Boyce-Codd Normal Form(BCNF)

  1. A table is in BCNF, if
  2. Table is in 3NF
  3. and for any dependency X ----> Y, X should be super key.
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