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MS window desktop folder and zipped folder


Desktop is a folder, which is used to store other files and folders.


Files store contents.


It is a place in a computer where other files can be placed.

How to create new folder?

  • To create new folder in window, just follow these given steps.
  • Right click on the place where you want to create new folder.
  • Choose new option
  • Then select folder
  • Now remove the old data or just pressed the character what do you want.
  • Congratulations, your new folder created successfully.

How to rename and delete a specified folder?

To rename and delete a folder just follow given steps.
  • Right click on the target folder
  • Then choose rename or delete according to your requirement, rename option in case of rename a folder and delete option in case of delete the folder.

How to create zipped folder.

  • To create zipped folder, follow given steps.
  • Right click on the target folder.
  • Select send to option
  • And the select zipped folder.
As your folder converted into zipped folder, you can share this folder with any one using any method like mail, whatsapp etc.


Small pictures in a desktop is called the icons.
Basic folder has yellow color icon.
Author/Written by: Mr Hemant Singh (Founder)
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