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Microsoft paint software complete tutorial

MS Paint

MS Paint is a the drawing software which is used to draw new arts and create new image.

MS paint file has extension 

  1. .bmp - Bit map pictures
  2. .jpg - Joint picture expert group
  3. .png - Portable network graphics

Title bar

Top most strip in a window software is called the title bar, it display title of software or saved name of file.
title bar also includes minimize, restore, close buttons.

Menu bar

Second strip after title bar is called menubar and contain number of menus like File, Edit, Font, Help, etc.

Tool bar

Every menu has special toolbar that contain all the tools related to the current menu.


Every software has two scroll bar
  • Horizontal scroll bar
    To scroll software horizontally left and right.
  • Vertical scroll bar
    To scroll software vertically up and down.

MS Paint has two menu

  • Home
  • View

Home menu has sub menu

  1. Clipboard
    1. clipboard has tools 
  2. Cut
    1. To remove selected part of an image
  3. Copy
    1. To copy selected part of an image
  4. Paste
    1. To create new part of copied data
  • Image
    • Image has tools
  • Select
    • To select part of an image
  • Crop
    • To remove unselected part of an image
  • Resize
    • To resize the image
  • Rotate
    • To rotate the part of an image by angle
  • Tools
    • Pencil
      • To write or create new art.
    • Fill with color
      • To fill color 1 in a selected area.
    • Text
      • To write text
    • Eraser
      • To remove or apply color 2 basically white color at specified area.
    • Color picker
      • To pick the color from an object.
    • Magnifier
      • To magnify to zoom in or out of selected area.
  • Brushes
    • Brush
      1. Calligraphy brush 1
      2. Calligraphy brush 2
      3. Natural pencil
      4. Marker
      5. Fill with color
      6. Oil brush
      7. Air brush
      8. Crayon
  • Shapes
    • All the geometric shape is called shapes like
      • Lines
      • Oval
      • Rectangle
      • Triangle
      • Curve
  • Size
    • Colors
      • Color 1 
        • Used in shapes
      • Color 2
        • Used in cut, eraser and filling shapes at the time of creation of shape.

View menu has sub menu

  • Zoom
    • Zoom in 
      • To enlarge the focus area.
    • Zoom out
      • To decrease the size of focus area. 
    • 100%

Show or hide

  • Rules
    • Show or hide rules
  • Gridlines
    • Show or hide grid lines
  • Status bar
    • Show or hide status strip


  • Full Screen
    • Display art or an image in full screen.

Short cut used in MS Paint

  1. New
    CTRL + n
  2. Save
    CTRL + s
  3. Print
    CTRL + p
  4. Save As
  5. Cut
    CTRL + x
  6. Copy
    CTRL + C
  7. Paste
    CTRL + V
  8. To increase line size
    CTRL ++
  9. To decrease line size
    CTRL --
  10. Zoom in
    CTRL + PgUp
  11. Zoom out
    CTRL + PgDn
  12. Ruler
    CTRL + r
  13. Gridlines
    CTRL + g
  14. Full screen
  15. Undo
    CTRL + z
  16. Redo
    CTRL + y
Author/Written by: Mr Hemant Singh (Founder)
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