Laravel commands list


  1. List of all routes that are defined by application
    php artisan route:list
  2. List of all routes with middleware
    php artisan route:list -v
  3. Hide third party routes
    php artisan route:list --except-vendor
  4. Cache route
    php artisan route:cache
  5. Clear all the cached routes
    php artisan route:clear


  1. To create a new middleware
    php artisan make:middleware isAdmin


  1. To create single action controller
    php artisan make:controller PaymentVerification --invokable
  2. To create new resource controller
    php artisan make:controller Blog --resource
  3. To generate api resource controller that does not include create and edit methods
    php artisan make:controller AudioController --api


  1. To cache views
    php artisan view:cache
  2. To clear cache views
    php artisan view:clear


  1. To create new component
    php artisan make:component likes


  1. To create session table
    php artisan session:table


  1. To create custom request class
    php artisan make:request StoreFormRequest


  1. To publish default laravel pages
    php artisan vendor:public --tag=laravel-errors


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