डिप्लोमा इन ऑफिस मैनेजमेंट एण्ड अकाउटिंग

डिप्लोमा इन ऑफिस मैनेजमेंट एण्ड अकाउटिंग

Full Stack Web Development with Laravel

Full Stack Web Development with Laravel

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Introduction to AWS and setup AWS environment

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service.
It is comprehensive cloud computing platform(CCCP) that includes infrastructures as a service(IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS).
AWS offers compute, storage, databases and analytics.

Setup AWS environment.

Creating account

  1. First of all create new account at aws and make sure you are using email and password where Credit card details will be send.
  2. Add billing information(Credit card or visa debit card)
  3. Verify account by SMS or other methods.
  4. Select support plan (Preferred basic support - Free)

Securing your AWS account

Root user is a special account that will have full access to account, using root user can perform all actions, make all changes including payments, or closing aws account.
it is preferred to use 2-factor authentication to secure root user and create new IAM users to access resources or login.

Follow given insturctions

  1. Login into aws account with root user
  2. Type IAM at search box 
  3. Select IAM
  4. Enable MFA(Multi factor authentication)
  5. then select Activate MFA
Key points
To secure aws account it is best practise do not use root account to access aws but instead create new user with specific roles and functions.
To create new user we have to create new user groups.

Now create new user group

for that follow these instructions
  1. Create group
  2. Enter group name example Adminstrators.
  3. Attach permissions policies.
  4. Search for "AdminstratorAccess"

To login with new IAM user.

We have two more steps to complete
Create alias for an account to make it easier to remember than the 12 digit account ID.

Follow given instructions

  1. Click on dashboard
  2. Under AWS account click on Create.
  3. Now you can give alias for an account, make sure alias must be unique all over the globe.
Format of generated URL will be like this.

Enable any regions

This only applies to regions launched after 20th March 2019
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