CSS text properties

color Define text color
color value can be used in different ways
  • with color name
  • with hexadecimal value
  • with rgb value
  • with rgba value
text-align Horizontal alignment of text
left Left alignment
right Right alignment
center Center alignment
justify Justify alignment
direction Direction of text
ltr Direction from left to right
rtl Direction from right to left
text-decoration Text decoration
none No decoration
underline Line under text
overline Line over text
line-through Throgh a line from text
text-transform Define capitalization of text.
lowercase Display text in lowercase
uppercase Display text in uppercase
capitalize First letter of each word in capital letter
text-indent Set indentation of first line in a text block
line-height Set line height of a text
letter-spacing Space between letters
word-spacing Space between words
white-space Handle space of text block
normal Normal flow of text
pre White space will preserved in a text block
nowrap Text will not wrap in a text block
text-shadow Specify text shadow
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