Create new company in tally prime

Create new company in tally prime.

When we will create new fresh company by selecting option create company at start-up page.
There are number of options where we need to fill appropriate data, so in this tutorial we will learn every option one by one.

Company data path

Directory Path where company will store.

Company name

Name of businessMailing name
Same as company name and it will fill up automatically.


Address of legal firm


State where the business operating.
Name of country where business operating.

Pin code

Pin code of postal address.

Telephone no

Land line number of firm.

Mobile number

Any mobile number of business.


Email address of firm.


Web address of business.

Financial year from 

Current financial year.

Books beginning from

Date from us managing records.


  1. Set tally vault password: To hide company information.
  2. Control user access to company data: This password makes company data inaccessible.

Base currency information

Base currency symbol for business transactions.
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