Contra voucher and transactions in tally prime

Contra voucher

Transactions between bank to business cash account are recorded in contra voutcher.
  1. Bank to cash
  2. cash to bank
  3. bank to bank, etc.

Record all these transactions using contra voucher.

  1. Open a bank account in pnb wth cash of rs 10000.
  2. Withdraw  cash or rs 3000 from bank account
  3. open a bank account in sbi with cash 3000.
  4. Cash deposit into sbi bank account rs 5000.
  5. Rs 1500 transfer from pnb bank to sbi bank account.
  6. Cheque of rs 50,000 deposit into pnb bank account.
  7. Rs 2000 cash transfer from pnb bank acc to sbi bank account.
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