Computer fundamental multimedia and functionalities

It is the use of a computer to present and combine text,graphics,audio and video with links and tools that let the user navigate,interact,create and communicate.It is used to develop special effects in movies and video games.
  1. Narrative media
  2. Interactive media
  3. Communicative media
  4. Adaptive media and productive media.
A medium(plural media) is something that a presenter can use for presentation of information.
There are two basic ways to present information:
  1. Unimedium presentation
  2. and Multimedia presentation.


A multimedia computer system is a computer having capability to integrate two or more types of media(text,graphics,image,audio and video) for generation, storage,representation, manipulation and access of multimedia information.


  1. Text
    It contains alphanumeric and special characters.
  2. GraphicsTypes
    Line drawings and Images.
  3. Animation
    Displaying a sequence of images.
  4. Audio-Types
    Analog and Digital Audio.
  5. Video-Types
    Analog and Digital Video.


A multimedia application is interactive software that combines several types of media at once to convey information to an audience.
  • Multimedia Books and e-Books
  • Digital Library
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Foreign Language Learning
  • Video Games
  • Special Effects in Movies
  • Animation Films
  • Animated Advertisements
  • Multimedia Kiosk
  • Virtual Shops and Shopping Mall
  • Multimedia Conferencing
  • Interactive TV

Media Center Computer

A media center PC is a personal computer designed for use with a digital TV in the home entertainment area,to serve Internet-based and local content.
  1. It serves as a PC.
  2. It serves as a TV.
  3. It provides Electronic Programming Guide(EPG) feature.
  4. It serves as a music system with enhanced features.
  5. It serves as a radio.
  6. It serves as a digital photo album.
  7. It serves as a digital video library.
  8. It serves as multimedia data editing and enhancement tool.
  9. It serves as DVD/VCD player and recorder.
  10. It serves as a videogame gadget.
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