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Complete tutorial about Microsoft notepad

It is called text editor, it is used to write text.
Notepad file has extension .txt.

There are number of menu in notepad.

  • File
    • New
      • To create new file.
    • New window
      • To open notepad in new window.
    • Open
      • To open exisiting notepad file.
    • Save
      • To save notepad file with new name.
    • Save as
      • To save saved notepad file witn new name.
    • Page setup
      • To setup page with tools paper size, orientation, and margin.
    • Print
      • To print notepad file.
  • Edit
    • Undo
      • To come back one step.
    • Cut
      • To remove selected text.
    • Copy
      • To create copy of selected text.
    • Paste
      • To create new copy of selected text.
    • Search with bing
      • To search string with bing search engine.
    • Find
      • To search string in a string.
    • Find next
      • To search next word in forward direction.
    • Find previous
      • To search next word in backward direction.
    • Replace
      • To replace new string in search string.
    • Goto
      • To jump in a row.
    • Select all
      • To select all all text.
    • Date time
      • Display date time
  • Format
    • Word wrap
      • To write text in new line without pressing enter key.
    • Font
      • To set font family and size.
  • View
    • Zoom
      • To zoom screen text.
    • Status bar
      • To show or hide status bar in notepad.
Author/Written by: Mr Hemant Singh (Founder)
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