Classification of computers personal workstations mainframe computers


  1. Based on size
    1. Microcomputer
    2. Minicomputer
    3. Mainframe computer
    4. and Super computer.
  2. Based on work
    1. Analog computer
    2. Digital computer
    3. and Hybrid computer.
  3. Based on purpose
    1. Special purpose
    2. and General purpose.


Notebook computers are portable computers mainly meant for use by people who need computing resource wherever they go.They are also known as laptop.
Laptops normally run MS-DOS,MS WINDOWS or Linux operating system.Normally users use them for word processing,spreadsheet computing,data entry,Internet browsing,accessing,sending e-mails and preparing presentation materials.


A PC is a non-portable,general purpose computer that fits on a normal size office table and is used by one person at a time(single-user-oriented).A PC has several chips(CPU chip,RAM chip,ROM chip,I/O handling chips etc.) neatly assembled on a main circuit board called system board or motherboard.Two commonly used models of PCs are desktop model and tower model.In desktop model,monitor sits on top of system unit,whereas in tower model,system unit stands by the side of monitor.
System unit of a PC has expansion slots.
Some Popular add-on-boards are-
  • Network Interface Card(NIC).
  • Fax modem card.
  • color and graphics adapter card.
  • Motion video card.

Popular operating systems for PCs are:

  1. MS-DOS
  2. MS-Windows
  3. Linux
  4. and UNIX.


A high-performance computer system that is basically designed for a single user and has advanced graphics capabilities,large storage capacity and a powerful central processing unit.Users use workstations commonly for computer-aided design(CAD),simulation of complex scientific and engineering problems,visualization of results of simulation and multimedia applications such as for creating special audio-visual effects in movies or TV programs.
  • Processing power
  • Storage capacity
  • Display facility
  • Processor design
  • Operating system
  • Expansion slots


Mainframe systems are computer systems used for meeting the computing needs.Mainframe are a type of computer that generally are known for their large size,amount of storage,processing power and high level of reliability.It used for performs large-scale transaction processing.  
  1. Host,front-end and back-end computers.
  2. Console(s).
  3. Storage devices.
  4. User terminals.
  5. Output devices.


A supercomputer is a computer with a high level of performance compared to a general-purpose computer.Supercomputers are the most powerful and expensive computers.Performance of a supercomputer is measured in floating-point operations per second(FLOPS).Supercomputers use multiprocessing and parallel processing technologies to solve complex problems faster.
  • PARAM Siddhi-Al.


  • Server computer
    A computer on the network that shares resources for others to use is called a server computer.
  • Client computer
    A computer on the network that accesses resources that are shared by computers is known as a client computer.
  • Example: FTPs,Web servers Web browsers and DNS.


A handheld computer is a small computing device that can be used by holding in hand.It is also known as palmtop because it can be kept on palm and operated.
  • Tablet PC
    A tablet PC is a miniaturized laptop.
  • PDA/Pocket PC
    Personal Digital Assistant was introduced initially as a Personal Information Manager(PLM) device.
  • Smartphone
    Smartphone is a fully functional mobile phone with computing power.
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