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Best Codeigniter Tutorial

Want to develop elegent website using PHP?

Codeigniter is best for you, it is popular web framework for web application development based on MVC development concepts.

MVC : Model View Controller


Benefit of Codeigniter

  • Codeigniter require approx zero configuration
  • You need simple and clear documentation
  • You need exceptional performace 
  • You need speedy development on PHP

Server Requirements

  • PHP Version > 7.3 or newer 
  • INTL, mbstring extension
  • php-json
  • php-mysqlnd
  • php-xml

You must have a database for dynamic web development

  • mysql
  • Postgresql
  • SQLite3


  • Manual
  • using Composer

Manual Installation

Just download latest version of codeigniter 4


using composer

  • Make sure you have installed composer in your computer machine.
  • Make sure you have installed visual studio code as code editor for development
  • run this command from terminal
    composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter project-root
    as this command run successfully it will download codeigniter project in your given project folder.

Running codeigniter app

php spark serve
Author/Written by: Mr Hemant Singh (Founder)
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