Assignment based upon journal entry tally prime

Add journal entry for following companies transactions

  1. Tara started business with cash of rs 5,00,000
  2. Open a bank a/c at PNB with cash of rs 20,000
  3. Taken load from friend of rs 1,00,000
  4. Open a bank a/c in OBC bank with cash 5,000
  5. Open a bank a/c in Central bank of india with cash of rs 8,000
  6. Invested in business with cash of 40,000
  7. Invested in business with cheque of rs 25,000
  8. cash of rs 80,000 invested.

Shyam started business "Shyam Technology".

  1. Shyam started business with cash or rs 6,00,000.
  2. Open a bank account in OBC bank with cash of rs 40,000
  3. Purchased furniture for office use of rs 1200 in cash
  4. Purchased machine of rs 5,000 with cheque.
  5. Purchased building of rs 60,000 from trun builder on credit.
  6. Purchased motor cycle of rs 40,000 from mahesh motors and paid 5,000 cash.
  7. 20,000 paid cash to tarun builder.
  8. 25,000 paid to mahesh motors from bank account.
  9. 65 paid for carriage expense.
  10. 4,200 paid rent from bank account.
  11. 25 paid for postage expense.
  12. 4,000 commission paid in cash.
  13. commission received in cash of rs 2,000.
  14. paid to tarun builder rs 24,000 in cash and also paid to mahesh motors rs 1,000 from bank account.
  15. 250 withdraw cash from business for personal use.
  16. 500 withdraw from bank for personal use.
  17. 1,00,000 deposit into bank account.

Kavya started business "Kavya textiles".

add following transactions for this given business.

  1. Kavya started business with cash of rs 90,000 and taken a loan from hari friend of 3,00,000 in cash
  2. 40,000 deposit into Dena bank to open account
  3. Purchased machine for office use of rs 1800 from machinery store on credit.
  4. Purchased furniture for office use of rs 3500 in cash
  5. purchased goods of rs 18,200 in cash
  6. withdraw cash from bank for personal use rs 100.
  7. withdraw cash from bank of rs 400.
  8. withdraw cash of rs 600 for personal use.
  9. purchased goods of rs 38,000 from sangeeta trader on credit.
  10. sold goods of rs 19,300 for cash.
  11. purchased goods of rs 55,000 from mahak trader and paid 5,000 cash.
  12. purchaed goods of rs 22,000 from nitesh trader and paid 2,000 cash and rs 3000 from bank account.
  13. cash sale of rs 3100.
  14. sold goods to mohanshyam trader of rs 26,500 in credit.
  15. sold goods to devendera trader of 14,200 and received cash of rs 1800.
  16. goods of rs 6000 return from devendra trader.
  17. goods return from mohanshyam trader of rs 1500.
  18. 20,000 invested in business by cash.
  19. goods return to sangeeta trader of rs 2,000
  20. goods return to mahak trader of rs 1100.
  21. cash of rs 5,000 paid to sangeeta trader.
  22. cash 6500 and 3800 from dena bank paid to mahak trader.
  23. 10,000 received from mohanshyam trader cash.
  24. 3800 paid for wage.
  25. 200 expense for stationary.
  26. 1000 paid for carriage expense.

Ramesh commenced business "Ramesh Provisional Store" in the financial year of 2021-2022.

  1. Started business with cash of Rs.4,50,000
  2. Open a bank a/c in PNB bank with cash of Rs.40,000
  3. Open a bank a/c in HDFC bank with cash of Rs.50,000
  4. Purchased furniture of Rs.7,500
  5. Purchased manchine of Rs.2,800 and paid from HDFC bank a/c 
  6. Purchased goods of Rs.4,000
  7. Purchased goods of Rs.1,200 and paid from PNB bank a/c
  8. Purchased goods of Rs.7,200 and paid with HDFC bank a/c
  9. Purchased goods from Rohit of Rs.14,500 on credit 
  10. Purchased goods from Vicky of Rs.18,000 on credit
  11. Purchased goods of Rs.3,600 from karan and paid Rs.1,600 cash
  12. Purchased building of Rs.2,00,000 from Suresh Builder on credit
  13. Purchased goods of Rs.8,500 from Ankit and paid Rs.2,500 from PNB bank account 
  14. Paid interest of Rs.9,000 in cash 
  15. Received interest of Rs.400 in cash
  16. Paid Rs.90,000 cash to Suresh Builder and Rs.1,100 paid to Karan from HDFC bank 
  17. Paid commission of Rs.1,200 in cash 
  18. Received commission of Rs.500 in cash
  19. Paid salary of Rs.9,800 from PNB bank account 
  20. Paid bus fare of Rs.15 in cash 

Meena stared business "Meeta Culture" in the current financial year.

  1. Meena stared business with cash of rs 6,50,000 and take a loan from bank of rs 20,000
  2. Open a sbi bank account with cash of rs 50,000
  3. Purchase goods of rs 1,000 at 5% trade discount in cash
  4. Purchase goods of rs 3000 at 4% trade discount in cash.
  5. Purchase goods of rs 9000 at 3% trade discount and paid from bank
  6. purchase goods of rs 6000 at 1% trade discount and paid by cheque.
  7. purchase gods of rs 8,000 at 5% trade discount from suraj trader on credit.
  8. purchase goods of rs 13,000 at 2% trade discount from virat trader for cash.
  9. purchase goods of rs 14,6000 at 5% trade discount from rekha trader and paid 200 cash.
  10. Purchase goods of rs 20,000 at 7% trade discount from meera trader and paid rs 100 and 200 from bank.
  11. sold goods of rs 5000 at 10% trade discount for cash.
  12. sold goods of rs 3000 at 4% trade discount for cash.
  13. sold goods of rs 2000 at 3% trade discount and received by cheque.
  14. sold goods of rs 1000 at 5% trade discount and received amount in the bank.
  15. sold goods of rs 8000 at 10% trade discount to latesh trader on credit.
  16. sold goods of rs 9000 at 9% trade discount to vinode for cash.
  17. sold goods of rs 10,000 at 10% trade discount to suresh trader and received rs 400 cash and 600 in the bank account.

Arun started business"Arun cold drinks" in the financial year of 2021-22 and below are the transactions of this firm.

  1. Arun Sharma started business with cash of Rs.6,50,000 and take loan from Aashis friend of Rs.20,000
  2. Open bank account in PNB bank with cash of Rs.50,000
  3. Purchased goods of Rs.1,000 at 2% cash discount 
  4. Purchased goods of Rs.4,000 at 3% cash discount for cash 
  5. Purchased goods of Rs.2,000 at 1% cash discount and paid from bank account 
  6. Purchased goods of Rs.8,000 at 8% cash discount and paid by cheque
  7. Purchased goods of Rs.3,000 at 3% cash discount from Mohit on credit
  8. Purchased goods of Rs.2,000 at 2% cash discount from Raja Trader for cash 
  9. Purchased goods of Rs.13,000 at 5% cash discount from Radha Enterprises and paid Rs.200 cash
  10. Purchased goods of 1,600 at 3% cash discount from Meena Trader and paid Rs.100 cash Rs.200 from bank
  11. Sold goods of Rs.15,000 at 2% cash discount 
  12. Sold goods of Rs.22,000 at 3% cash discount for cash
  13. Sold goods of Rs.4,000 at 6% cash discount and received amount in bank account
  14. Sold goods of Rs.7,000 at 2% cash discount and received cheque
  15. Sold goods of Rs.24,000 at 8% cash discount to Latesh Trader on credit
  16. Sold goods of Rs.50,000 at 10% cash discount to Inder for cash
  17. Sold goods of Rs.21,000 at 20% cash discount to Rohit Trader and received Rs.400 cash and Rs.600 in bank account
  18. Rs.10,000 paid cash to Aashis friend for loan 
  19. Jagdish purchased goods of Rs.4,000 at 10% trade discount 
  20. Purchased goods from Sandeep of Rs.5,000 at 5% cash discount
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