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All about yarn package manager | yarn package tutorial

It is a package manager for the code, using yarn we can share code with other developers, it does quickly, securily, and it is reliable.

Update yarn to latest version

yarn set version stable

Accession the list of yarm commands

yarn help

Starting new project

yarn init

Installing all dependencies

yarn install

Adding new dependencies

yarn add [package_name]
yarn add [package_name]@[version]
yarn add [package]@[tag]

Adding dependency to different categories

yarn add [package_name] --dev
yarn add [package_name] --peer

Upgrading a dependency

yarn up [package_name]
yarn up [package_name]@[version]
yarn up [package_name]@[tag]

Remove a dependency

yarn remove [package_name]
Author/Written by: Mr Hemant Singh (Founder)
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