Algorithms Flow chart


A set of instructions that is used for an activity is called an algorithm.

Flow chart

A graphical representation of a set of instructions is called a flow chart.

Flowchart symbols

Symbol Description
Oval To start / end
Parallelogram Input / Output
Rectangle Processing
Kite or diamond shape For conditions and looping
Lines Flow of program
Connectors To connect small programs

Machine code

The set of instructions written in binary digit 0 or 1 is called machine code.

Advantages and disadvantages of machine code

Program written in machine code is executed very fast because machine code is directly understood by the computer, there is no need for conversion of code.

and disadvantage of machine code is machine dependent and difficult to program.

Assembly language

A language in which code is written in alphanumeric symbols instead of 0 or 1 is called assembly language.

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