Blog Website using PHP, MYSQL

Learn to create blog or article or news website from scratch using php, mysql

MRP: 6000.00
Selling price: 250.00
Course duration: 60 Days

Blog website

  • About project & used technologies
  • Database schema
  • Project schema
  • Database setup
  • Database connection using php & mysql
  • Admin folder and files
  • Setup bootstrap code files
  • Home page design
  • Sign up, sign in form design
  • Sign up coding
  • Sign in coding
  • Use of session in login
  • Admin dashboard sidebar
  • Create and design form for category and post
  • Insert new category coding
  • Coding to insert new post
  • Coding to display posts
  • Code to display recent post and category
  • Code to create post title link
  • Code to display single post
  • Redesign admin page
  • Code to delete category
  • Edit category
  • Delete post
  • Display post by category
  • Logout code
  • Edit post